The things you should not do if you are a remote worker

It is not a surprise there are certain rules for communication existing for remote workers. Without such rules the whole process of communication will change into a real mess, so it is really important to be aware of them and to get stuck to them.

There are certain things you should not do at work and this article will help you to understand them.

Do not call your co-workers without prior informing them about your plan

Certainly, digital communication allows people to reach out anyone they need at any moment suitable for them, however, it is also crucial to be aware the time of communication should also be suitable for the person you want to call.

Even though it might seems absolutely normal to call anyone whenever you want because this person can just ignore your call if he or she is busy, it is not exactly the way people who are bombarded with calls see it. The best way to deal with such situations is first make sure when you can reach out other co-workers which is one of the rules set for remote working by every company. Secondly, you can contact a particular person prior to calling him or her even though there are no limitations for it in your company. This is just an issue of showing some respect to another person.

Do not stay unavailable to others for hours

A possibility of being contacted by others at any moment while you working is one of the major problems of the digital era. It is not surprising many people believe their productivity at work has worsened since they simply cannot focus on any of their tasks as they have to check their mail and work chats without a stop. there is nothing strange in the fact many people really wish to stay unavailable to other co-workers for some time in order to be able to complete their work tasks.

At the same time, you can imagine this can impair the work of others who might need you for completing their tasks. For that reason, you should learn to balance your working time. One of the things you should do is to make sure what is the maximum time given for replying to your co-workers. Another important thing is to let your co-workers know about your plan of focusing on your major tasks for some time.

The worst thing about digital communication at work is the fact that even if you will be working hard on your tasks and will not be able to respond to others for some time, it might appear as if you were absent at your work place.

Do not push yourself into finding out everything on your own

It might seem that working remotely means you are all alone with your problems. Yet, it is crucial to understand you do not have to solve all of the tasks on your own just because you cannot see other people around you. It is absolutely natural to discuss things with other employees and work together on projects, so you should not even have second thoughts about contacting them.

Do rush to follow your co-workers on social networks

Actually, this rule applies to any person you can meet in your life. Some social networks will give you recommendations for following particular people but it does not necessarily mean you have to follow them right away just because you are working together.

Wait until the moment your relations will become a bit close and also ask this person whether he or she is not against contacting your on social networks.

Do not try to look particularly easy-going and friendly

You can easily imagine what might happen if a person starts using the work chat for sending various memes and jokes to other workers. This is certainly not the best practice which one can adopt for working remotely as this can overload the work chats too much with unnecessary information.

It is also crucial to make sure about the style of communication allowed in your company so that it will not be too casual for the situation. Even such natural parts of modern conversations online as emoji might not be welcomed at your new workplace. You should learn such things beforehand.