Personal income tax 2023 – how to do it?

The first quarter of the calendar year is the period when the tax filing begins. As far as PIT (Personal income tax) is concerned, PIT 2023 settlement starts exactly on February 15. In order to deal with all the formalities required for the annual settlement 2023 as easily as possible, it is worth not to postpone the whole process until the last minute, but to start it early enough. You can then avoid the hardships associated with the hasty mode of dealing with official matters.

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ePIT 2023 – online filing

There are many types of Personal income tax in Poland: PIT 11, PIT 38, PIT 39. But the most commonly used is PIT 37, which is intended for people under an employment contract, mandate contract or contract for performance of a specific task. Currently, the procedure for submitting this document is significantly simplified due to the possibility of settling the matter electronically. At first, PIT 37 online is completed by the employer, and then it is sent to both the employee and the tax office. An E-PIT 2023 delivered this way will only require the payer to check the data in the online system of the Ministry of Finance. Computer software designed for submitting annual settlements is also helpful in completing this formality. A PIT 2023 program will help guide the user through all stages of the process of completing and checking the tax return for 2023.

Child tax credit 2023 – how does it work?

Control of the data contained in the tax return is especially useful for people who want to take advantage of various tax deductions, such as child tax credit 2023. This solution can be used primarily by parents whose children have not yet reached the age of majority, but not only them. The tax credit is also available for children under 25 who are studying and whose income does not exceed twelve times the social pension, and children who are entitled to a care allowance, regardless of their age. All formalities related to the deduction of the child tax credit in the context of PIT 2023 settlement can be completed online on the government portal or a special computer program.

Polski Ład and changes in settlements

At the beginning of 2022, a revolution in the tax system took place under the slogan of Polski Ład (The Polish Deal). It had a big influence on the shape of PIT 2022. Since then, however, some changes have been introduced and currently payers are dealing with modified settlement rules, which are referred to as Polski Ład 3.0. Although the new rules may cause difficulties, when completing and submitting a tax return online, you can count on the entire procedure to be carried out efficiently. One of the novelties introduced by the government reform is the need to refer to PIT 2 for 2023 by people employed under mandate contracts and contracts for performance of a specific task. Until now, it was a document that only the employer had to deal with. PIT 2 2023 form, however, requires the employee’s participation in settling this type of statement.

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How to settle PIT 28?

For entrepreneurs who run a sole proprietorship, the most important document is PIT 28. This is a form of tax return, which is intended for people settling in the form of a lump sum on registered income. This means that PIT 28 is meant to be used not only by owners of sole proprietorships, but also by people whose income results from renting or leasing. Completing this formality, as in the case of PIT 37, is possible via the internet. PIT online 2023 is a solution that will be useful not only to people employed under an employment contract, contract of mandate or contract for performance of a specific task, but also to owners of sole proprietorships, tenants or lessees.

Until when to settle PIT?

Theoretically, the deadline for submitting tax returns is April 30, but since it falls on a Sunday and the following day, May 1, is a public holiday, the last day on which the necessary formalities can be completed is May 2, 2023. However, forgetting about this deadline does not necessarily result in unpleasant consequences. With the current, online method of submitting tax returns, the tax office accepts the document posted in the online system, even if we do not inspect it and do not accept it ourselves. However, it is worth not relying entirely on the tax office PIT settlement. If you check the document yourself, then it is possible not only to deduct the tax credits, but also to indicate the organization for which 1% of the tax is to be allocated, e.g., a charity foundation, trade union or political party. 

Tax office PIT settlement – how to check?

How to check if the tax office settled PIT? It is, like submitting a document, possible in the online system of the Ministry of Finance. The special portal allows you to check and settle matters related to the tax return without going to the tax office in person to complete the formalities. It is a solution thanks to which, from any place and at any time, you can make sure that the procedure for submitting a tax return for 2023 has been successful and will not require further actions to settle liabilities to the tax office.