Add practice of your brain into your daily routine

Brain can be trained in various ways some of which can be particularly pleasant. Why not to indulge this crucial organ of your body with something which will let it develop your cognitive skills and improve your performance?

This article will show you what can be done about your daily life for boosting the capacities of your brain!

Video games

Playing various computer games that especially involves strategic thinking can radically help your brain growth over time. The fact that you have to make so many active decisions, focus, strain your agility, memorise a bunch of information, sort it and use the best combination of information to hit the ultimate purpose of the game is heavily a next level way of not getting bore and pumping up your brain.

This may come as a shocker or most controversial to the parents especially of the previous generations of those parts of the world, where parents did not grow up with such technology. They might still hold  a rather traditional view of gaming or even be scared by it because of the cases of game addiction. Yet, the research has shown how computer games can significantly help us to build up memory.


If you have been buying puzzles for your children, you are certainly aware of the fact this can help your kids’ brain in a tremendous way. This is nothing that we have made up by yourself but scientists have already carried out tests that shows how puzzles help your brain to become more powerful. Research shows, solving jigsaw puzzles actively contributes to brain’s cognition ability as well as visual spatial reasoning that plays a big factor for our brain’s health.


This one is certainly one of those trivial facts that is so automated to us yet the most powerful for our brain.

Reading actively engages your attention and stimulate your brain constructing whatever you are reading, boosting your imagination while creating a whole new world. Imagine how a book read by millions seen them in their own way. Plot is the same but the constructed world perceived by all is so distinct. Reading works as a great stimulus for our brain which helps us developing new neurons and build up new ways to link information.

Brain Games

Amazingly, there are tons of games out there designed specifically to nurture and help your brain’s growth. These games have been created in the way allowing to grow each brain factor of yours by keeping you actively engaged. These games are designed in conjunction with lot of psychologists and scientists altogether.

Fortunately, we are living in a times with small devices like Android or other smartphones and tablet computers. We do not need to incline towards our desktop PC or plug in our video game console to the television waiting for the whole loadup and all. We can play these brain games anywhere, anytime we want.

There are games like Elevate or Luminosity which you can find in Play store or Apple store. These are one of the well-known games when it comes down to brain games.

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