Reality Check: your ticket to lucidity

Lucid dreaming is a state of dream where a person is fully aware that they are dreaming. This generally occurs with the realization of something contradicting dreamers’ belief in the reality to which the person is used. According to the research, everyone has experienced lucid dreaming at some point of their lives and to some degree.

Why should you practice lucid dreaming?

This state can be utilized to one’s own benefit in real time in which we materialize. For instance, with the help of lucid dream, people can practice lot of things that they are afraid to perform in real time or somewhat reluctant for any reason. when we are asleep our brain activity drops a lot lower than during the times when we are awake and hit our R.E.M (Rapid Eye Movement) period. This is the period when we dream.

Therefore, with a little practice we can control our dreams and experience bizarre things that we are absolutely unable to experience in real time. Such as – flying, visiting outer space, breathing under water, having superhuman strength and so on. Along with that comes the utility tool to solve real world problems.

How can you practice lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming can be practiced just like any other skill. The very first thing the dreamer needs to do is to raise a lot of their awareness in real time. Getting aware of the taste, sound, sight, smell every living sensations. Next thing that we are going to focus here is the technique called Reality check. Reality check is something with which you will be able to train yourself to distinguish between the reality and a dream.

This list will give you some points which can act like your reality check during the sleep bringing your awareness. It is given in a random order and  keeping all of these in mind and see which one works out best for you. It means you do not necessarily have to keep a track of all of these things during your sleep. It might be enough to see some particular points and this will allow you to realise you are sleeping and everything is a dream.


One of the best practice you can take from the material world to the dream world is to looking at your fingers and counting them while you are awake. In real time, you will see your fingers as they are and no more or less than 10 and in shape. Soon you will realize this is not the case for dream world. Your fingers will never be the same, neither in numbers nor in proportion. This is a check where you know that you are dreaming.


Another simple check is to look for any clock and try to read the time and it will not be the same. The first thing you can do is to train yourself not to freak out and rather observe and remember your purpose while checking the clock in your dream.

Switch board

This one is to walk towards any switch board and try turning on and off the switch. The light bulb or the connection the equipment won’t behave the same way as it would or was supposed to.


Go and pick a book and try reading them. In dream world, as you have guessed, reading will not be the same.


Go and try look at the mirrors. If your reflection appears in a haze or in any unnatural way, then you know you are dreaming.

With these techniques, you are well enough to get started with lucid dreaming. Just try remembering the purpose of the lucid dreaming that why you wanted to have it in the first place. Sometimes, you would rather just enjoy and explore than the purposeful state.

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  1. Interesting tips. I’d rather have pleasant dreams than nightmares. Thanks to these techniques, I can achieve it.

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