How refraining from news can boost your brain power?

We are living in a crazy fast-paced world today. This generation is bombarded by information. Hassle and hustle to stand on one’s ground and manage to survive is at its peak in a different way, as we are speaking not about the surviving in the wilderness but the civilization itself. Socialization has been divided into hierarchies and the same has happened to the industry and sectors. Being smart is a whole new level of challenge than it used to be during any other previous generation of our predecessors who had never have faced the challenges of the modern world. There is too much to keep and hold and bargain for.

Is it possible to become smarter than you are?

To keep one’s head up the ordinary zone of the hierarchy, one must push their brain power to the next level. If you have ever been in one of the memory tournaments you must have seen an ordinary looking person walking out of the tournament with a huge trophy and the title while a giant chunk of crowd was cheering. Did all those brilliant minds living until now and all the inventions that took place up until now have something much of an innate factor or did they build their way up?

Most of the people whom we regard as genius were really ordinary and even had poor academic performance, yet they became the most talented figures in the history. What they did was actually building up their way and utilising their brain to the next level. If they could do it, we can do it as well. In fact, there are ways you can build up your memory and grow your capacity from 5% to 6%.

How refraining from news can affect your life?

At this time when computers are dominating both our work and entertainment, a lot of people have moved on from regular TV to smart TV which incorporates the whole bunch of other medium and computing applications.

News has always been a medium of getting the thrill of the world from the comfort of  your home. While it may sound amazing and feels good to be a part of the culture, the truth is, TV news can leave heavy negative impact on your brain and can release the stress hormone inside your body a way faster than anything else with the exception for participating in such events personally. This can lead to a state of a constant stress for your mental health which, eventually can have an adverse impact on your physical health as well. If you can, stop watching news and rather discover something new or pursue something that put you in a position of active learning and therefore to the path of growing.

By the way, an addiction to news is also one of the common Internet addictions. While some people are gazing at the accounts of social media without a break, others are playing or getting caught into online shopping. There is also a group of people who have to keep on checking any news to the point when they are performing this simple action absolutely subconsciously. Do you really need to know everything that is going on in the world? Isn’t it better to focus on your own life since the events which are taking place in the majority of situations cannot be controlled by you?

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