Recommended black metal bands

Black metal is a sub-genre of its predecessor heavy metal which has its root in 1970s. Though, this genre specifically rose in early 1980’s. With the advent of such bands of that time like Venom, Bathory, Hell Hammer the entire set for what was coming after their footsteps was defined. As a result, more aggressive, fast paced and screaming their inside out like bands in the early 1990’s history of music saw massive changes in this genre which in turn gave birth to other sub-genres.

Black metal bands have some signature sound and imagery which is distinguishable. First-time listeners may have trouble pointing out different bands by their sounds but as one becomes a true black metal fan, one will soon be able to harness the listening skill to distinguish these morbid bands by their sound.

Today we will dive into few top bands you must check in order to have a taste of this mystical dark world. A lot of people, including me and the bands themselves, listen and perform  such music to express the inner angst or gives us a strong ground in our dark times such as immense pain and loss to cope with. Note these bands are not ranked here and list has a random order.


They are often considered the pioneers of black metal music and there is nothing strange in it. There are sound, imagery, live performance, history has its own dark pages with incidents like their guitarist being murdered and vocalist blowing his brain out and even more gruesome events behind the scene.


This band is one of the pioneers who set out the scene for black metal on which Mayhem would evolve later on. This band is from Sweden formed in 1983 and soon to be spreading its sound throughout the globe with their extreme sound, dark atmosphere, imagery and live acts. Their very first album title Bathory itself is suffice enough to set you off the grid!


This is solo project of Varg Vikernes who murdered the guitarist of Mayhem Euronymous and made his presence noticeable with setting the churches on fire. The Burzum’s first album has the core of black metal in it. This self title was debut in 1992. Buckle up when you are going to listen to this. Varieties of heavy emotions and concepts swirls up in this album.


This band was formed in 1986 at the time of black metal setting its flag across the globe hailing from Kolbotn, Akershus, Norway. Their most noticeable breakthrough was ‘A Blaze in the northern sky’ in 1992.


Haling from Norwegian black metal scene they kick off their start with album like ‘Wraith of the Tyrant’ in 1992 and ‘In the Nighside Eclipse’ in 1994.


One of the pioneers of black metal music, these boys hailed from England setting the scene on fire and black magic (Literary) soon made its remark in 1983.Even one of the name of their album was name Black Metal. Although, I would not consider them as black metal but they had some of those elements which defined the black metal music. You will still have good time with this band.


Although typically they are not considered as black metal but they do have pure black metal elements and sound so good. They also sound a lot death metal alike and this combo of black and death metal sets their marks on black metal fans as well.

These are just few bands to set you off if you want to take a hike in this dark mysterious forest. Hail!