It’s time to resign from these unhealthy beauty products and procedures

The fact that many beauty products and procedures are pretty unhealthy is nothing new to people. Take for instance permanent hair dying or hair straightening which can make your hair rather weak with time. This is an obvious problem, however, there are many things we are not paying attention to, although it would be sensible to think about the harm of some of the procedures and beauty products.

In this article you will find some important information on the topic which might protect not only your health but your natural beauty in the first place.

Products for eyelash growth

Unfortunately, many people cannot boast about amazing long lashes. Some people have thus short or thin eyelashes that even the best mascaras cannot give them any visible effect of longer lashes. Of course, it is natural that some of us are using various beauty products for eyelash growth.

What is wrong with beauty products for eyelash growth?

Although such products do not seem to be harmful, there are some catches about them. Those products which are applied on the line of the growth of eyelashes can make the skin around your eyes darker. Furthermore, some of the products are getting into the eyes changing their colour as well. It turns out that such an effect can be permanent.

You can imagine how harmful it might be for your eyes to undergo such a procedure if this can cause such long-term effects. Indeed, in some cases these products can even harm the vision itself.

What is an alternative?

There is an alternative to such products, although it is not completely safe as well. This procedure is attaching false eyelashes which certainly look impressive. The major problem related to this procedure is the glue used for attaching false eyelashes. In some people, it can cause allergic reactions.

Hydroquinone-based cosmetics for brightening the skin tone

Many people are struggling with various types of pigmentation on their faces which can be caused by different factors including hormonal imbalances and acne scars. There are many options available on the market for decreasing such pigmentation. Some of them are more effective whereas others are not featured by a strong effect.

One of the most popular types of such products is the one based on hydroquinone. This substance is quite useful in the fight with pigmentation, however, it can cause rather unpleasant effects as well.

What is wrong with hydroquinone-based beauty products?

It has been proved by scientists that a regular use of such substances can cause skin depigmentation. In addition to it, they can trigger inflammation and even rapid skin aging.

What is an alternative?

A popular alternative to this procedure is also not completely safe. This is a laser skin revitalising which can improve the skin condition with the usage of harsh chemicals. One of the additional benefits from such a procedure is getting rid of wrinkles to some extent.

Yet, you should be aware of possible side effects of such a procedure. In some people this can cause scarification. Needless to say, this procedure is also rather expensive and not particularly pleasant giving people burning sensations.

Salon manicure

Certainly, visiting a professional for manicure is a very pleasant experience with stunning results. Hands with beautiful nails can brighten the day and make one’s mood a way better. Unfortunately this popular procedure can be rather risky.

What is wrong with salon manicure?

First of all, you should understand that manicure itself is a rather harmful procedure no matter where it is performed. Even if you visit the best possible expert, you will still expose your to the harmful nature of various substances used for this procedure. The beauty products used for manicure are full of acetone, toluene, formaldehyde and phthalates. These substances can get inside your body through lungs and skin causing unpleasant long-term effects. That is why, the nail specialist is the one who can suffer from manicure in the first place.

By the way. using a gel nail polish is particular harmful and it is also very ecologically-unfriendly as the ingredients of such polishes as well as the amount of garbage produced by the removal of such manicure is excessive.

On top of that, it is rather easy to get infections during salon manicure. You should choose only the most hygienic places for this procedure.

Is there an alternative?

The alternative is simple which is performing manicure at home. Of course, not everyone is ready to do it or simply know how to do it well, yet this minimises the possibility of negative effects for your health.

If you are not ready to resign from a salon procedure, you should at least not do it whenever you have any injuries on your skin.