VoIP technology vendors

If you are thinking about using VoIP instead of traditional telephone, you should consider the list of the vendors described in this article. According to the Forbes advisor review, here is the list of the best vendors you can use for specific purposes.

Ring Central

This vendor has its great reputation for comprehensive features. According to various resources, it offers best combination of features and price.


Nextiva is known for the ease of use. Offers range of features from unlimited calling all over the U.S and Canada, toll-free numbers, unlimited internet fax, google and outlook integration as well as screen sharing.

8 x 8

This one has gained reputation for suitable for business on budget. This is quite cheapest VoIP service and highly scalable. You can get lot out of their lowest plan of ‘8×8 express plan’. The first month is free and there are no contracts so can essentially quit anytime you want. Also, there is no hardware required for this which can cut down the cost significantly.


Vonage is known for its highly customization features. This is ideal for business who needs an excellent customization features suitable for the business. Vonage can provide you loads of feature right out of the box but can be expensive. They do have base service which is not thus expensive. Yet, of course, they do not come in with loads of features but essentials only.

Dial pad

Has gained its reputation for integrated AI solutions. Dial pad is also a cloud-based VoIP service which includes all sort of features you would expect in a VoIP services. You can use the full potential of AI (Artificial Intelligence) with dial pad making your VoIP solution somewhat automated and to its full potential.

Magic Jack

Is best known for dealing with International Calls. Magic Jack do not offer toll-free number or visual voice mails but they do provide unlimited calls all over U.S and Canada along with free voice mail transcription. But this does not limit the magic jack. They of course do provide all the essential solutions you need for your VoIP integration. Magic Jack is best for small businesses out there.

Note that all of these vendors, just like any other business have their plans and their features and the more you raise the bar for plans the more features you will get. Check on their official websites for further query.