How to make reading books more enjoyable?

It is quite obvious that today reading books is not the most popular way of spending one’s free time or even acquiring new knowledge. On the one hand, there are many other activities which can bring you joy in a shorter time as well as other methods of learning new information.

Actually, many people genuinely like reading books but it is difficult for them to find free time for this hobby. Not only reading itself requires time, but finding a book that you will really like is also time-consuming. Undeniably, being disappointed by the book you have been reading for weeks and being frustrated by the film you watched within two hours are totally different experiences. If you still wish to come back to regular reading books, this article will provide you with some great ideas for making this process more pleasurable.

Try listening to audiobooks

Of course, many bookworms will tell you that listening to audiobooks is not the same as actually reading them. Definitely, these two activities differ a lot, but listening to audiobooks is still a great way to enjoy a good story or learn some new facts from literature.

In fact, audiobooks is a perfect invention for the busy people living in the 21th century. Even real bibliophiles can hardly find time for relishing literature today, let alone those people for whom reading books is not a priority. Audiobooks is a great solution to this problem since you can listen to them whenever you involved in your routine work such as doing household chores or while doing sports for example jogging.

First of all, listening to a fascinating book while doing some boring tasks will make the entire experience far more pleasant. In addition to it, you will undeniably benefit from listening to audiobooks more than from watching TV. That is why do not even think about audiobooks as something that can’t give you satisfaction from reading a book. It assuredly will, although the experience is different.

How can you start reading again?

No matter how strange it may sound, unfortunately, for some people reading literature has become such a scarce experience that they find it rather difficult to focus on this process. It is even more complicated to get absorbed by reading for those people who watch TV too much or play computer games. While these technologically supported activities are presenting the information in an extremely dynamic way, reading is a rather static experience and you will never know the continuation of the story if you yourself don’t finish the book.

Still, you can try to get used to reading again. The best way to do it is by starting reading the books that you have already read and love a lot. Just reread your favourite story and you will find it easier to come down to exploring new books.

Stop feeling guilty for not finishing books

Even though adults do not have to read books regularly like it used to be at school and, in all likelihood, no one is going to check whether you have finished a book or not, we somehow still feel guilty for not finishing a book.

It seems to be so inappropriate to start reading a book and leave it not reading till the end. Sometimes we can quickly understand that we don’t like a particular book at the very beginning and then it is somehow easier to stop reading it. Yet, the more time you have spent on reading a particular book, the more obliged you might feel to finish your reading. On the one hand, we want to give this book one more chance. On the other hand, we feel uncomfortable with the idea we have already spent so much time on reading it.

You should understand that not finishing books is completely normal. In some cases we really dislike this particular literature, in others we might be able enjoy in other circumstances. If you don’t get joy of reading a book, just stop reading it and move on with other works. Reading should be a natural process for you, only then it will be your source of pleasure.

Furthermore, you might have come across long lists of literature including primarily classic works that are supposedly the books everyone has to read. Certainly, the quality of the literature created by classic authors is usually out of the debate but if you don’t enjoy reading these books, do not feel guilty for that or not intelligent enough. A life is too short for reading each and every book and we still have to make choices between what we really like and what we don’t like no matter how crucial these works are for the development of the culture.

Get an idea of the book without reading it

There are many tips for finding a great book if you are aware of your own preferences of literature without reading it. Certainly, you can first ask your acquaintances about an interesting book or check reading forums and reviews. Yet, some things can be obvious at first glance.

For instance, if you prefer books with a dynamic plot, you can easily understand it by the amount of the white space on its pages. That is so because, as a rule, the books with a fast-developing story are featured by a large amount of dialogues and, as a result, with pages that are not filled by walls of text.

Another example is for those who enjoy reading about people and their feelings and emotions. Not only will are these fictional books with the titles including names, but also biographies and autobiographies that will show you the stories of real people.