The signs that you’d better finish your friendship

Although real friendship is based on accepting each other completely including all the features of character that seem to be negative to us, it is still better to end your relationship with particular types of friends. Unfortunately, the presence of some friends can create a rather toxic atmosphere or even harms you. That is why, if you notice some of the signs mentioned in the following article, it is time to move on without your friend.

A friend or a rival?

No matter how much you enjoy spending time with a person who considers you to be his or her best friend while you feel this friendship is more based on rivalry rather than on mutual respect and support, this type of friendship is the one you certainly should finish.

There are many people who need their best friends for constant comparison and even if not all of them are admitting feeling envy when their friend achieves success, they definitely feel satisfaction when their friend is experiencing failure.

Providing you feel you should speak only about your victories when you are spending time with this friend, because otherwise you will feel uncomfortable around this person, you should undeniably stop this relationship.

At the same time, you might be involved into a relationship with another type of rival with whom you can actually share only negative experiences. You might be afraid to feel that your success is disparaged by your best friend or, again, this makes him or her so envy that this person immediately starts thinking of the ways to surpass you.

A jealous friend

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, there are some life situations in which we have a right to feel unpleasant because our friend has chosen other people over us. For example, if we were counting on the help of our friends in a really critical situation but he or she didn’t find time for us preferring staying with other people. Such situations can tell the truth about our relationship, however, speaking about jealousy, we mean something else.

Actually, there are some people who have a particular attitude to their friends and partners regarding them as their own property. Such people can become very disappointed if they can’t have us only for themselves. They can try take control over us for example by rather obvious manipulation. Needless to say, such a kind of friendship is not healthy.

A tattler friend

No matter how hard we are trying not to discuss our common acquaintances with our best friend, it is really not an easy thing to avoid completely. However, there is a great difference between sharing some information about those people with our friend and actually gossiping about some unpleasant secrets related to those people or even make up our own.

In case you have noticed your friend enjoys this type of conversations a lot, you should at least be careful with this person since you can’t be sure he or she are not gossiping about you as well. Needless to say, real friendship is impossible without trust.

A friend with whom you can’t communicate without alcohol

Certainly, there is nothing bad in going to parties with your friend where you allow yourself to have fun after drinking alcohol. Still, you might have already noticed that with some people it is impossible to communicate without having some alcohol beforehand. Providing such a person is a friend with whom you only spend, time for some amusement on particular occasions, there is nothing wrong with it. Yet, if this person is your best friend and your communication demands having alcohol during every meeting this is definitely you should have second thoughts about.

The friends with whom you can’t communicate properly without drinking are hardly can be called real friends, albeit such friendship can make real harm.

A parasitic friend

Helping our friends when they really need us and being able to count on them is one of the greatest things about real friendship. Sad to say, some people are our friends only because they want receiving help from us.

Being friends with someone who is using our help up to a really excessive extent is a rather unpleasant experience. On the one hand, we are feeling the relationship with our friends are not supposed to be like that and this person is certainly trying to make some profit of this friendship. On the other hand, we might feel guilty for the having such thought in the first place, because we still want to help this person especially when we have known him or her for a long time or the person is really in dire straits.

Still, you should understand that even though you sincerely want to help this person as much as possible, you won’t be able to have a solution to each and every problem your friend is experiencing. Try to analyse the current situation without strong emotions and understand whether the person is your real friend or someone who is behaving like a parasite.