Great places where you can work remotely

A possibility to work remotely seems to be very attractive to many people. Really, what can be better an opportunity of planning your day according to your own preferences and not depend on your employer so much? Although this is a very attractive perspective, people who are actually working remotely are facing their own problems which don’t let remote employees to enjoy their working experience fully. Find out about our two favourite places which are perfect for people who are working remotely!

Why is it not so easy to work at home?

One of the greatest concerns when it comes working remotely is self-discipline. Although it is great to be your own master, in the reality, not everyone is able to use one’s time efficiently without any supervision. Since the majority of remote works get their money for accomplishing particular tasks and not for the actual time spent on their accomplishment, it might turn out that you spend on work far more time comparing to the people doing the same work under supervision.

Furthermore, even if you have a very strong will power and are super disciplined, the conditions at home still might not be auspicious for work. Of course, this is especially true for people who are sharing their home with others.

On top of that, the majority of remote works are suffering from social isolation. Not leaving your home to work deprives you from contact with other people which is really important for people no matter how introverted they are.

These are of course only some of the reasons why remote working is actually not thus amazing as it might appear at first. Yet, it doesn’t mean that you should resign from the opportunity of doing your work remotely. You will be able to overcome these difficulties if you start working remotely in one of the places described in our article.


Have you ever heard about coworking or used the services of one of the companies residing in the coworking space?

Actually, coworking is a kind of an office for people who don’t have their own office. The major idea of coworking is renting an office spaces by several companies so that they can share the costs. Coworking might somewhat resemble openspace working places, however, not necessarily located in such a large place. Still, it is not a rule, and you can get a separate room as well. Furthermore, if your job includes business meeting, coworking allows you to rent a special room for conferences. Usually, payment for the rent of such a place is made per hour.

If only your remote job gives you enough money for renting a coworking place, this can be the best choice for you since this working system provides you with an absolutely unique atmosphere. While you will be even more motivated to work harder while being surrounded by other people working on their tasks, you will also have many chances to interact with them. For example, you can easily meet with people during the breaks in the kitchen or during breakfast which is sometimes offered for free to the workers. Coworking is also a popular place for organising courses and lectures, so you will have a chance to meet really interesting people.

On top of that, coworking provides its clients with everything which can be needed at work including scanners, printers or unlimited Internet.

If you are still not sure whether coworking is worth your money, you can easily find one of the companies offering their clients a free day for checking all the possibilities that are available in the coworking system.


Undeniably, the previous option is suitable only for those remote workers who earn enough for renting their own place for work. Still, there are many people who can’t afford it.

In their case, one of the most suitable place for working can be a library. Needless to say, this place is the most silent one you can ever find among public places. The atmosphere libraries encourages their visitors to focus even on the most complicated tasks, whereas these places are also well-equipped allowing you to work without distractions.

For instance, in libraries, you can easily use scanners, printers and the Internet. In addition to it, many large libraries have their own cafeterias, so you can have your lunch right there.

Note that you can register in any library you wish, no matter whether it is for adults or children. One of the most crucial aspects you should take into consideration is the distance between your home and a library.

Other places for working remotely

One of the most obvious options is working in a café, however, this one is not an appropriate one for those who are not ready to buy anything. As you can imagine, sitting in a cafe for hours while having a single cup of coffee is not the best idea.

Another popular location for working on your tasks is in the shopping mall. Here you can have access to the Internet as well as a possibility to charge your laptop. Still, you should be prepared to all sorts of noise and distractions especially during the hours where shopping malls have the greatest number of visitors.