The things not letting you to achieve your goals

Undeniably, you will hardly meet a person who doesn’t want to be successful. Unless you are a seriously depressed person, you certainly have some dreams. In order to be able to fulfill these dreams, you should be more careful with the things you are doing as well as with your attitude to life. This short article will tell you more about unhealthy habits and believes that don’t let you shine.

Unhealthy lifestyle

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this is the most obvious issue which stops us from being successful. Of course, it doesn’t mean that only healthy people can be successful, but those who are actually taking a proper care of themselves will at least be able to enjoy their life more.

Unhealthy lifestyle doesn’t include only a poor diet, lack of exercises and bad habits such as smoking or alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, many people forget about the importance of sufficient sleeping as well as spending time outdoors regularly.

A belief in a miraculous success

Almost everyone has an internal belief in an unexpected success such as a spontaneous vacancy offer for an extremely high-paid job or winning the lottery. There is nothing bad in occasional daydreaming about such things if it brings you joy, but you should focus on the things that can actually be done with a view to achieving your goals.

Accidental success can happen with everyone, but since it is accidental, there is no reason to waste your energy on expectations of this success.

Modest dreams

At the same time, you shouldn’t limit your dreams. If you are interested in climbing a career ladder, you should believe in your own abilities and know that this can actually happen. Of course, an essential part of your success is the effort you are making in order to meet your goals.

Being surrounded by people with low self-confidence

Certainly, no one tells you to stop communicating with people who are not particularly confident or interested in development, but being surrounded by them all the time can make your own self-esteem rather low.

The way such people can influence others is rather detrimental especial when those other people are children or teens. Yet, adults can also be effected by a constant manifestation of such an attitude to life. That’s why you should communicate more with people who are also focused on their success and self-development.


A willingness to do everything you are up to in a perfect way can be rather difficult to handle. Doubtlessly, it is a useful feature for doing some activities, but in many cases, it can only withhold you from being successful.

The major problem related to being a perfectionist is inability to finish if a person finds the result imperfect. Certainly, completing the tasks need some accuracy, but nothing is perfect in life and for many things absolute perfection doesn’t needed at all.

People, who are tend to doing everything flawlessly, are risking wasting too much time and energy on absolutely unfruitful tasks. In addition to it, they also might wait for a particularly auspicious moment for starting working on some tasks, which might never happen at all.

Searching for culprits for your lack of success

You might have noticed that many people are prone to having culprits for their own lack of success. It seems to be very natural for human being since this mechanism protects us from feeling excessive and unnecessary guilt in various situations. Still, some people fail to understand that their lives are actually their own responsibility and to a certain extent, they themselves are responsible for the majority of situations they are getting into.

No matter how dissatisfied you are with the current state of affairs, you should remember that this is your life and you are the only person who can change it.

A wish to control everything in your life

Although it might seem to be great to be able to control everything, but it is never like this in the real life. Actually, attempts to gain control over everything in your life can lead to large frustration and it can happen not only in the professional sphere of your life but also in your relationship with other people.

When it comes to achieving your goals, you should focus only on the things that you can change and those things that can’t be changed demand a different attitude from your side.


An ability to handle several tasks simultaneously can be very helpful in your daily life. Still, when it comes to your professional life, it will be better for you to focus on one task only at a time.

It has already been proved scientifically that multitasking leads to the 40% decrease in productivity which is pretty obvious.

A desire for approval

Needless to say, we all need approval to some extent, but this need shouldn’t develop into a desire to be liked by everyone. Certainly, no matter how much you want it, it will never happen since everyone differs a lot from each other as well as one’s tastes. That’s why you should never allow this need for approval to stop you from going towards your goals.