Beware of these disturbing behavioural patterns

We have learnt the formulas for math, chemistry, financial aspects in theory and much more throughout our school life but we were hardly taught some real-world experience that might come in handy in many social situations. Since that is not taught in school or college unless you are studying psychology and human behaviour, or other relevant fields, that can only be earned through putting ourselves out there and learning it on the go.

Today, we are going to look at some of the core signs you can see and identify people who are extremely toxic, two-faced or malignant and harmful for your mental health. This can be very useful for your well-being because the acts of some people with malignant goals can stretch down to your physical health as well.

Utter pessimism

These people often tend to have a pessimistic view towards anything they are getting into or are a part of. For them, it is never enough and nobody else is right other than them. You will hear them complaining about virtually everything. In fact, it seems as if they are ready to criticise even inanimate objects which will not change despite all of their efforts.

Such people are often less to not-at-all sympathetic towards others. They just simply do not care about other people’s feelings. Nothing else matters except for their own judgement. They will find every single possible reason to criticise other people, even at work. This kind of people is someone who you would not want in your social proximity unless you really like them, which sums up to something obvious here.

Extreme superiority

This is ironic! Nobody is better than these people, even when they are really not. They would not care about your feelings and go to any extent to prove their superiority over others. And, by any chance, if someone tackles their insecurity guard head on, boy, they are in for one hell of a ride since they would do anything to prove their supremacy. The other side of the coin is that these people are often lonely too and have some roots of being so disturbed resulting in such an odd and unpleasant behaviour.

Hiding a true self

There various kinds of people with different personalities. While there are people who work their way up to build a new self or to adapt to a new working environment, which is certainly a process of self-development, others who you will often meet readjust their personality based on the group of people they are in or any social situation.

Beware of these people since it will be really hard to point down there is a true nature unless you know them so well. This may sometimes look like not much of a big deal but often times this may also come as a potential threat to a healthy relationship.

Ultimate entitlement

This is something that is so radiant in such people. They feel so entitled to the point that the whole universe owes them something and they just going to tread on the whole universe for it. There also has been a funny Internet troll name for such people especially for ladies called “Karen”. You will find a plenty of YouTube videos about the destructive and disturbing nature of these Karens.

Same goes for males especially this is even worse for Alpha males. They may seem attractive at first and often women easily fall for these males until they find out what they have got themselves into and you know how it ends.

If you ever come across these people, know that this is loud red flag and better be away from them.