Back stabbers and people of many faces

We live in a diverse world, this is even a way true and relatable for people living in cosmopolitan cities or states. Aiming to perfection has always been our innate nature since the dawn of civilization. In this modern world, topping up over competitors and keeping up with the game is something we are all taught and all want. Keeping a sharp eye on identifying people before things get worse or come as a shocker, can become a crucial skill for saving anyone from unnecessary hassles and hustles and give an edge over others who does not careful enough.

Back stabbers

These people are not literally stabbers with a knife or anything sharp but the feelings associated with their acts resemble the pain of being stabbed.

This sign is related to someone who talks a lot about other people and the 99% of their talks is negative. You will hear these people always bitching about others. Now, the kind of bitching that goes on between two friends or someone close to you over a few exchange of laughter is a different case and in fact considered a common norm when a friendship is getting built on a strong base.

Yet, this is not a case for these individuals who are constantly bitching as if they do not have any other topics under their hat. Chances are this same person will bitch about you behind your back as well and if you happen to mentions something unpleasant about your common acquaintance, rest assure a back stabber will pass this information to that person with dramatic exaggeration. That is a pure red flag to stay away from these people.

Person with many faces

While this point may be the most controversial but think of is as of something more related to personal bonding rather than business related outcome. These people will change their face and personality based on the environment they are in and often hide their true nature. They are more like a blender. They will just try to blend in social situations just to make an impression, whereas, it is highly recommended to watch out for these people, because you may not like their true self afterwards. In fact, it may become too late for you to retreat when you realise what kind of person you are dealing with.