The beauty procedures you should not do on your own

The modern beauty market is not only filled with various products and services, but it also allows virtually any person to make beauty procedures of different complexity at home. Sometimes it is a great idea as it really helps you to save  a lot of money and, in addition to it, guarantees you using only your own instruments which have never been used by anyone else. This is certainly important for your safety. At the same time, there is a range of beauty procedures which you should never do to yourself on your own even if you are a specialist in this area and are doing this procedure to others professionally.

Here you will find a list of such beauty procedures.

Eyelash extension

Applying false eyelashes is not the safest procedure and it is even more dangerous if you want to undergo eyelash extending.

You might have come over hundreds of video lessons showing how easy it is, however, it is not like that in the reality. No serious professional who is specialising in this procedure will perform it on his or her own eyelids.

Certainly, doing it to yourself increases the risk of getting the glue into your eye which is not safe and can be even dangerous if it turns out that you are allergic to it. The next issue is making the procedure properly so that the false eyelashes are not stuck to your real eyelashes. This can make the final result look rather unattractive whereas the worst outcome will be losing your own eyelashes even before you manage to perform the extension procedure.

Permanent makeup

You absolutely should not try to make a permanent makeup on your face on your own. This is a rather serious intervention into your appearance. Actually, while there are many happy people absolutely satisfied with the results of their makeups, there are also a great number of individuals who literally hate the results and are looking for various ways to get rid of their permanent makeup.

Certainly, you might be a specialist in this area and create very successful makeups for other people, however, it is not easy to do it to yourself, let alone a situation in which you have never done this procedure to anyone else before.

By the way, it is essential not only to know how to make an accurate permanent makeup but also how to pick an appropriate colour which will suit a particular person and will actually present on the skin exactly as you expect. This is probably one of the most complicated tasks the specialist of permanent makeup should address. There are many stories about people who are looking for ways to get rid of their makeup because instead of a brown colour their eyebrows turned out to be green.

Deep peeling and cosmetic injections

Today you can purchase a lot of products without any problems including the ones which are earmarked exclusively for the professionals. Thus, you can also get products for such invasive beauty procedures as deep peeling and cosmetic injections.

Do not mistake peeling procedures for something absolutely deprived of any possible health risks. Certainly, there is a whole range of peeling products which have a very mild effect and you can make them at home. Even though, some people can be allergic to these products not knowing that.

Harsher peelings with a deeper effect, especially chemical ones, should not be performed by yourself. Actually, you should consider well first whether you really need this procedure at all. This procedure can cause various side effects some of which can be pretty serious even when they are performed by professionals who have done everything properly. Needless to say, performing such a pilling at home can be really dangerous.

The same goes for beauty injections which are particularly invasive. You should not make them to yourself with professional assistance at least for the reason of not being aware where exactly they should be applied and whether it is really needed by your skin condition.

Complex hair dying

Learning to dye your hair on your won is a good idea if all you need is refreshing the colour and dying the roots from time to time. This can really help you save money.

Yet, it is not true for various complex type of hair dying. The mere transgression from a person with dark hair into a blond one requires lots of practice and gaining it on your own hair is a rather bad idea. Such a procedure requires decolouration of hair which is itself a rather harsh procedure. If it is done in a poor way, you might lose the health of your hair forever. Definitely saving some money is not worth it.

There are also many complex effects which can be made on hair such shatush, balayage or ombre. These types of hair dying require deep knowledge about colours, pigments and techniques which not all of the specialists know themselves. It is not only not recommended to do these procedures to yourself, but also, you should be very careful with a choice of a specialist for this purpose.