Simple tips for everyday meditation

The benefits of meditation have already been proved by science. The range of positive effects of meditation starts from reducing anxiety and stress up to stabilisation of blood pressure and even decreasing a possibility of experiencing memory problems in the older age. Meditation should be a part of the life of every modern person who is overwhelmed by an accelerating rhythm of our world. Today, individuals hardly have a moment of being all alone with themselves. Even if you happen to have free time, this time is always filled with some other activities which never let your mind wonder inside you.

Unfortunately, some people find it rather difficult to meditate even if they relax appropriately and create a suitable climate around themselves. Some individuals still cannot get into a meditative state and get very frustrated. If you are one of them, you can check these recommendations which will help you to experience meditation in your life on a daily basis, albeit it might be in a somewhat different form.

Try meditation in the shower

For many people, who enjoy their evening shower at the end of the day, this procedure becomes a kind of a relaxation ritual. It turns out, that you can use this time for meditating as well. The shower itself will help you to release tension very effectively, while appropriate concentration will help you to get into the state of meditation.

All you need to do is to focus on your sensations. Listen to the sound of the running water, feel its stream on your skin. Try to visualise the way the water is cleaning you from all of your negative feelings and experiences, taking your bad mood and tiredness away.

You can also practise shower meditation if you are taking shower in the morning. If this is the case, try to visualise the way in which you are getting so active and energised with all the streams of water.

Slowing down

One of the easiest ways to add meditation to your daily life is through slowing down. Slowing down means doing whatever you have to do slowing down the tempo of the activity from time to time. This will allow you to perform your daily routine in a mindful way.

You can slow down during any type of activities which do not require a faster speed from you. For instance, you can clean your house and slow down from time to time. During the period of slowing down focus on the entire activity, your sensations and feelings.

A great moment to slow down is while having food. Slowing down at such a moment will not only allow you to get the benefits of meditation but will also allow you to feed your body in a mindful way which is the best way for protecting oneself from overeating.

Meditation on the go

There is one more way to meditate if you just cannot sit still in one position. All you need to do is to go through some straight way without any obstacles such as road crossings.

An ideal time for meditating on the go is during a walk, however, if you are going to work on foot, you can also meditate on your way. There re two ways you can practise meditation on the go,

The first one is the most simple. This option is requiring a focus on all of your movements and steps. This is a way easier task to do than meditating on your breath which is required by a regular form of meditation. Observe the position of your entire body during this activity. Yet, if you find it too complicated, you can start with counting your steps. Count from one to ten and then in a reversed order.

If you want to get into a more advanced meditation on the go, you can also switch your focus on the surroundings. Again, try to feel every smell and listen to every sound around you in a mindful way.

Certainly, a walk in the park will be a better way for such a meditation, but it does not necessarily have to be a stroll. As it has already been mentioned above, you can easily do it on your way to work or anywhere else. You just need an opportunity to walk for at least five minutes without nay obstacles.

Drawing and meditating

You can also use drawing for getting into a meditative state. Unconscious drawing will allow you to switch off from the surrounding world and start meditating.

In order to practise this form of meditation, you will need a sheet of paper and a pen. What is important is certainly drawing unconsciously. You absolutely should not focus on the drawing process and put any intentions into this process. Do not even analyse what is coming out of such drawing and do not hope to accidentally create a masterpiece. You just want to release the tension in your body and start meditating.


Pay your attention to a variety of simple exercises which will help you to meditate for a couple of minutes. Even though it is not the same as regular meditations, it is still better to perform such activities if you do not have an opportunity to meditate in a traditional way.

Just include such exercises as mindful breathing and a regular check-up of the sensations in your body.