Is homeopathy beneficial?

No matter how great the development of the modern medicine is and how many impressive breakthroughs contemporary doctors are making, our health is still not ideal. One of the reasons of it is that it is rather difficult to find a perfect treatment for any malaise whether it is a cold or cancer. The medicines are pricey and packed with side effects let alone the mere fact these are artificial substances which itself is making them unwanted in our bodies whereas doctors are absolutely not efficient in their work. Even the most prominent of them are not able to read all of the results of the current research and they cannot know everything no matter how badly they want to.

There is also a problem of diagnosing patients. While in some countries doctors are either too ignorant or are limited financially and thus cannot prescribe their patients a sufficient analysis for making a proper diagnosis, in others, doctors have access to all possible tests which they are offering to individuals just in case. Unfortunately, over diagnosis can take the time which is so badly needed for treating the current condition.

Certainly, this makes people search for unconventional treatments and one of the most popular of them is homeopathy.

What is homeopathy?

Unfortunately, many people, including those who are actively using homeopathic medicines are absolutely unaware of what exactly it is. For many of them it is a natural form of treatment, thus, it should be more beneficial for their health than all of the artificial substances or at least, it is not thus harsh as traditional medicines.

Undeniably, there is some sense in this belief. Yet, there is a large problem concerning homeopathy. The truly homeopathic products are all placebo.

This is actually the idea of homeopathy which was created by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. To be precise, the more dissolved a medicine is, the more potent it becomes. The irony of this treatment approach is that people who genuinely believe in the power of homeopathy do not want to admit this fact is the truth, albeit, it has never been a secret. There is an entire technique called homeopathic dilution which was created by the founder of homeopathy and usually, it is one part of the medicine per million. The substance used for dissolving a medicine is water, however alcohol used to be also quite popular.

According to homeopaths, homeopathic dilution is very efficient since it is based on repetitious shaking of the container with the drug which is making the product more potent as according to homeopaths, the information from the active substance is spread on the water molecules which are remembering it.

What are exact medicines used in homeopathy?

Now, when you are aware of the fact, a homeopathic drug becomes potent with extreme dilution, you might be wondering what these drugs are.

The choice of a drug is another crucial and unique feature of homeopathy. It is based on the belief that an illness can be treated with a substance which will cause similar symptoms in your body. Sometimes, these substances can be potentially toxic, however, there is no need to worry about that since, as far as you have already learnt, the dilution of homeopathic medicines makes such products practically free from anything. In fact, it does not matter what is in such a drug as in all likelihood, the amount of the active substance is absolutely unnoticeable.

That what a truly homeopathic drug is – an extremely small amount of a substance which in a larger amount can potentially cause symptoms resembling your disease dissolved in water. Pay your attention that there is no diagnosis of the culprit for your symptoms in homeopathy as it is treating “a person rather than a malaise”.

Should you use homeopathy?

If you are one of the people searching for a perfect medical approach which will allow you to get rid of your problems without a need to purchase chemically synthesised drugs with serious sides effects and feed all of those drug companies, you should at least look for something effective. Unfortunately, homeopathy cannot be an alternative to the traditional medicine, even though particular factors make it seem to be pretty effective.

These factors are a special marketing approach mixing homeopathy with herbal medicine misleading people into believing they are taking an efficient homeopathic drug while it is one of herbal remedies which are often effective, albeit are produced absolutely ignoring the technology of homeopathic drugs. Another factor is the placebo effect which is a very powerful ability of our bodies to heal more efficiently when we believe in the benefits of the remedy. When the latter is combined with the last factor which is actually treating minor illnesses with homeopathy rather than serious diseases such as cancer, we can actually get great results. Needless to say we can achieve them without homeopathic drugs as well.