How can you start reading more books?

Reading books on a regular basis is one of the greatest gifts you can make to yourself. Of course, when we really like a book we are reading, each moment spent on reading brings us a real joy which is incomparable to any other activity. Still, this is not the only amazing thing about books. Regular reading develops our imagination, increases our vocabulary and actually teaches us how to use this vocabulary. No matter, whether we are reading fiction or non-fiction, the time spent with a book reveals us the wisdom of its author and allows us to learn more and more about the world and ourselves.

Undeniably, reading is worth our time. Still what should we do in order to actually start reading more and develop a habit of reading?

Search for the books you really enjoy

One of the crucial points for the start of your adventure with reading is finding the books you will like. This doesn’t concern only the genre of the literature. Just like with films, the same genre or even the same story can be presented in a book in various ways. That is why it is not only necessary to find the kind of books you will be able to take pleasure in reading most of all, but also the ways in which the author is presenting his story.

While some people are already aware of their reading preferences, those people who haven’t read books since their school years, might find it challenging to find something interesting for themselves, especially taking into consideration the abundance of literature available on the market. Where can you start then?

Read the books you already know and love

One of the possibilities is just recalling the books you enjoyed reading when you were at school. Certainly, this is might seem to be a counterintuitive recommendation since many children hate reading books only for the mere fact they actually have to read them for their school programme. Still, if you there was at least one book you really liked at school, you can start from rereading it carefully thinking about the features of this piece of literature that make it so appealing to you.

Find the books that inspired film producers

Another option you can use in your search for exciting books is thinking about your favourite films. Quite frequently, film producers base their movies on literature and it might happen that there is an original book that was used for making your favourite film.

Find more books based on your preferences

Now, when you know at least one book you really like, you can easily find more great literature you will definitely enjoy.

One of the ways is checking other works created by the same author as well as the lists of the top books of the same genre. In addition to it, you can use one of the popular online services for book reviews such as, for instance, Goodreads. Here, you can find quite customizable lists of books that based not only on a genre, author or year of publishing but also on many other details including the plot, characters or scenery. This will help you to find books that really resemble the one you have enjoyed so much.

Don’t torture yourself reading really boring books

There is no need to explain that some books are downright boring or have been written in such a poor way that even though their plots are potentially captivating, it might be still difficult to read them because of the author’s style.

Providing you have come across such a book, don’t make yourself read it up to the end. No matter how sorry you are for not finishing this book, there is definitely no need to waste your time on something you don’t really enjoy especially when there are so many undiscovered books waiting for you.

Yet, you should be aware of the fact that the majority of books are pretty boring at the very beginning. That is absolutely normal since just like with films, their creators have to introduce you into the story which is one of the most onerous tasks the author should complete. You will find that even the most fascinating stories might start in a rather dull way.

For that reason, it will be a good idea to give a chance to the book you are reading before you decide to finish your experiment with it. For example, you can read 20-30 pages or a chapter in order to understand whether you want to continue reading or not. Usually, this will be enough to reach some interesting places in the story of it really has some.

Set time for reading

Earmarking some time for reading is crucial for developing a habit. If it is convenient for you, you can literally set a timer which can be quite effective since you won’t have to think about other tasks while reading. How much time you are ready to spend on a single portion of reading is up to you. Certainly, you can continue reading after your timer gives a signal as well.

In case you don’t like this idea, you can also set a norm of pages you would like read during a day. This can actually turn into a great challenge motivating you to read more as you can try reading more pages with each day.