Easy detoxification at home – five tips

Detoxification is not just a modern fashionable trend, it is actually something any person concerned about one’s health should try. You will find an abundance of procedures that will help your body to get rid of toxins. Many of them are rather demanding when it comes to time and products included into a diet. Yet, effective detoxification doesn’t have to be complicated. Just follow these simple tips and you will definitely feel all the benefits of detoxification.

Tip 1 Allocate one day a week for this detoxification programme

One of the greatest things about this particular detoxification programme is that takes only one day a week. This means you do not have to change your lifestyle in order to boost your energy and improve your health condition.

This form of detoxification is based on a special diet but you should eat according to its requirements only once a week. It will be sensible to choose a day of the week when you have the auspicious conditions for rest and relaxation. Even though the nutrition changes you are going to make on this diet will last only for one day, you still might feel uncomfortable. That’s why you should minimise any other activities that might stress you.

Tip 2 No sugar and salt

If you are serious about detoxifying your body, you should resign from consuming sugar and salt at least during this day. Needless to say about the harm of sugar consumption which is not recommended even in the slightest amounts. Just pay your attention to products which might contain sugar such as fruit yogurts or ready-to-use sauces. For that reason, these products are not recommended for your day of detoxification. Undeniably, during this day, no soft drinks or fruit juices are allowed as well.

Providing you are not suffering from any particular health conditions, for instance, high blood pressure, a moderate salt consumption shouldn’t be dangerous for you. Still, withhold from adding salt to any dishes consumed on the day of detoxification since salt will keep water on your body preventing it from getting rid of the toxins. Thus, eating salt during detoxification is simply counter-productive.

Tip 3 Water and herbal tea

If you decide to give this detoxification programme a try, you should be prepared for spending a day without any drinks that might include caffeine. As it has already been mentioned, soft drinks are forbidden as well.

One of the greatest things you can do for cleaning your body is supplying it with a sufficient amount of water. That’s why we recommend you to start your day with a glass of water and have up to three litres of water during the day no matter whether you are undergoing the detoxification procedure or not.

Herbal teas will be a great choice for detoxification as well. Some of the best herbs for getting your body free of harmful substances are hibiscus, nettle, echinacea, red clover and field horsetail.

Tip 4 Stay vegan

Whether veganism is a healthy diet or not depends on your individual nutritional needs, however this one day a week will bring you more benefits if you resign from eating meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. Even if you are a huge fan of poultry or can’t imagine your life without cheese, just hold on – this is only one day. You will definitely make it!

What then should you eat? As much raw vegetables and fruit as you can, yet veggies should be predominant. The best ratio for your nutrition plan for this day is 80% of raw food and 20% of cooked food. For example, you can cook yourself a bowl of brown rice and eat it with a large portion of fresh salad. Don’t forget about leafy veggies such as spinach or lettuce. These plants are especially beneficial to your health.

What is also important is consuming your food with oils such as olive oil, grape seed oil or linen seed oil. Don\t assume reducing the oil intake will be good for you. On the contrary, eating raw vegetables without oils will drastically minimise the absorption of many vitamins and microelements since a large amount of them can get into your body only while being in an oil solution.

Tip 5 Gluten free

Fortunately, celiac disease is not widely popular, however, many people who do not feel direct negative effects of gluten consumption in their digestive system, still experience a whole range of side effects. The roots of such problems as acne, cellulite, hormonal imbalance, allergies and many others are sometimes very difficult to find and in many cases, they are the result of mild gluten intolerance.

Of course, resigning from gluten for only one day a week won’t let you understand whether you have this imbalance or not. Still, not including the products containing gluten such as anything with wheat, oatmeal or barley into your detoxifying diet will be a sensible idea since these products themselves are toxic for people even with the lightest form of gluten intolerance.

Now, when you know what to do in order to get the benefits of home detoxification, it’s time to choose this single day and start your journey to optimum health!