Washing these things in a washing machine can be dangerous

The majority of people are aware of the fact washing some items in a washing machine can damage them or even destroy to the point when you will not be able to use them anymore. Yet, not everyone knows how various clothes items as well as other textile products can be harmful for washing machines. Some of them can even cause fire.

Clothes with sequins and other small elements

You might assume some small decorative elements for example sequins on your clothes have been attached to it in such a way as to allow you to wash this item in a safe way. In practice, you can never be sure of that before you try washing it. It might happen that you were right and the delicate cycle will not cause any damages to your clothes. Yet, an opposite situation can happen and the fabric might lose the majority of its small decorative elements.

The problem is that it is not only your clothes which will be ruined in such a way. As you can imagine, the filter in your washing machine can also get seriously damaged.

How should you wash such clothes?

Certainly, it will be better to wash it manually. If you do not have time for that or believe your clothes requires more thorough washing, you can always use the help of professionals.

Things heavily covered with fur of your pet

One of the common results of having a pet such as a cat or dog at home is getting things covered with their fur. You might be spending hours on cleaning these things from the fur only to find them out covered in the fur all over and over again. Needless to say, one day you might just throw such a thing into a washing machine in the hope of getting it all clean after the washing cycle.

Unfortunately, it is not a good idea. Animals’ fur can easily get stuck inside the filters of a water pump of your washing machine. This is one of the major culprits for a flood created by a damaged washing machine.

What should you do in order to avoid damages in your washing machine?

Obviously, you should never wash anything covered in fur. Do not forget that your own hair can create the same effect so if there is too much of it on the fabric, you should clean it manually first and wash in a washing machine only once there is no hair of fur on it.

Items with stains of flammable products

It might happen that your clothes or other textile goods you are using get stained with some chemical substances which can easily cause flame. It might happen to you once in a while or, it is also possible that your work or hobby makes your clothes exposed to such products on a regular basis. In both situations, you should be aware of the fact, it is prohibited to wash clothes and items with stains coming from various machine oils, mazut, fuels oils and other flammable products.

There are many ways in which such products can cause problems for the person who decide to wash stained clothes in a washing machine.

First of all, such substances are harsh for many elements inside a washing machine and can damage a filtering system and other parts of the device. Secondly, it is quite possible that the product will be washed off your clothes and will reside somewhere inside a washing machine. Unfortunately, you might not be aware of this fact before you start washing other clothes and find it out stained with such chemical products instead if being cleaned.

Yet, all of these problems are not thus serious as a possibility of starting a fire at your home because of washing clothes stained with flammable substances in washing machine. Unfortunately, such stories are not rare, that is why you should not risk and prepare your clothes for washing in washing machine first.

How should you wash such clothes in a safe way?

It is recommended to first rub the stains of flammable products with a potent washing product. It will be a good idea to leave the item covered with such a washing product soaked in warm water for some time. After this procedure, you should thoroughly rinse the material with clean water and hang it somewhere until it dries completely. Only after such preparation it is allowed to wash the item in a washing machine.