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Finances Lifestyle

Simple tips for cutting out your expenses

For some people, saving money is a necessity, whereas others would like to make some expensive purchases  which are possible only if one decreases the money spend monthly. Undeniably, there are some things in which you still should invest, however,

Lifestyle Productivity

Why should you get rid of perfectionism at work and

Perfectionism can be a useful feature of character for completing particular tasks that demand inhuman precision, however, in our daily life, including the majority of professional activities, being a perfectionist can be a real curse. If you are one of

Diet Health

Orthorexia – a psychological disorder of the 21st century

Have you ever considered how many healthy diets have recently been developed by various nutritionists, dietitians, doctors and even self-development gurus? Several decades ago, there were concerns about the harm of saturated fats, then there was time for critics of

Finances Lifestyle

How can you start enjoying saving money?

The skill of saving money is something everyone should acquire no matter whether you are currently in dire straits, you need to collect money for purchasing something rather expensive or you have just realised that you are constantly buying too