Don’t waste your time on doing these unproductive things

Nowadays, you will hardly meet a person who has enough time for everything he or she wants to do during a day. Undeniably, the world around us is moving really fast, but sometimes we ourselves decide to do some things that literally eat up our free time. Check this list of things that are a complete waste of time and you will not need extra 24 hours anymore.

Trying to help each and everyone or agreeing with everything other people ask you to do

Being assertive or, in other words, able to say no to other people is a very important skill. For some people it comes as an inherent feature of personality, while others are really struggling with their own inability to resign from helping other people or behaving in the way others are expecting from them.

Undeniably, one should help other people and it is really great if being able to help others brings you genuine joy. Yet, sometimes one might be concerned about the needs of their people up to such an extent when it starts harming their own emotional and physical wellbeing. Of course, the idea of this recommendation is just introduction of some healthy boundaries.

Waiting for an appropriate moment for realising your dreams

Certainly, many of us have some great dreams for our future, but who really is doing something for bringing them to life? Usually, we are so absorbed in our everyday routine that it is absolutely impossible for us to get closer to those dreams. We are constantly waiting for some auspicious conditions that will change everything but the truth is, in all likelihood, this best moment for action will never come at all.

That is why if you really wish to do something, for example change your job or move to another country, you should use the current moment for making even the smallest steps. Only in such a way you will be able to fulfil your dreams.

Sharing your plans with other people although you are not doing anything to realise them

Of course, there is nothing bad in telling other people about your plans, but it has sense only if you are really serious about your goals. Do not waste your energy and time as well as the energy and time of other people discussing with them some plans that are stuck on the stage of mere planning.

It is understandable that you might be very exciting about making some great plans about your future but wait with sharing them until you really start taking steps for their fulfilment.

Regarding your life as a competition with other people

If you are comparing yourself to other people from time to time because you would like to become an expert in some branch of knowledge, it is an absolutely normal approach to your self-development. Still, many people pay too much attention to the wealth and success of others and for some of them becoming better than others are becomes a life goal itself.

Such an attitude to life is rather unhealthy as it will drain you completely out of energy. Living your life like this often results in working too much in order to earn more which supposedly will give you some advantages over other successful people. You are risking to lose your individuality and whatever really matters to you for a possibility of showing off in front of people who really do not care about you.

Trusting in all the recommendations you get

Checking the advice of other people, especially the experts of some branch is a very good idea, however, you should remember that not all the recommendations are equally good for everyone. For instance, you can find a recommendation to wake up early almost in every source dedicated to self-development or health. Still, it can’t guarantee that you will feel better or become more productive if you develop this habit. It might simply not work in your case.

You should be especially careful with all the pieces of advice that are supposed to make you healthier since some information you can come across can turn out to be dangerous.

Asking someone about a piece of advice when you really know what you want

Sometimes we are asking other people to recommend us something even though we are already aware of our real needs or wishes. In such a way, we are wasting the time of this person and risking to get some piece of advice that is actually against the thing we want in the first place. This can cause some second thoughts which will make you spend more time on achieving your goals.

Mistaking insults for a thorough critique

Getting a critique of your work from other people, especially experts can be a great way for mastering your skills. It is great if you can get some opinions about your work with comments and explanations from people who understand this subject. Yet, you should not regard some downright insults as something that shows the real quality of your work. In case you face such a kind of criticising, do not pay attention to it and do not let it affect your productivity in any way.